At Spray For Life® we're committed to enriching the quality of people's lives and it all begins with an advanced platform we developed to deliver superior liquid nutritional supplementation products with enhanced nutrient uptake and absorption.

Better Quality Achieves Better Results

Our top priority is to develop products and solutions that ultimately demonstrate results. Because no matter how much you pay for a product, it's too expensive if it doesn't work.

It's rare for a professional nutraceutical company to devote the scientific personnel, labs, equipment, time, resources, and strict standard operating procedures necessary to achieve a true quality of excellence.

We can't imagine it any other way—our business partners and most of all, our customers health depends on it. All Spray For Life® products are made in the USA and most all the ingredients are sourced in the USA as well.

NanoSynergy Worldwide only delivers products conforming to our strict quality standards. All Spray For Life products are performed following or exceeding all current rules and regulations for the protection of health and safety.


We perform work to the highest quality standards and comply with all FDA regulatory requirements, company operating procedures and testing methodologies. We also commit to continuous improvement and implementation of better processes and organizational efficiencies.

Advanced Nutraceutical Delivery

Spray For Life® has developed a proprietary and patent approved innovative liquid nutritional product line combating the difficulty 4 out of every 10 consumers (40% of the Adult U.S. population) experience while swallowing pills, tablets and gelcaps as well as inefficient assimilation and absorption.

All Spray For Life® products are dispensed by our newly designed pre-metered, non-aerosol NanoMist® Delivery System (NDS) and administered transmucosally, resulting in higher therapeutic and tissue levels (increased-bioavailability) and sustained-release action.

The superior benefits of this NDS technology is to introduce nutrients into the body in a manner which allows, over time, more rapid, uniform and complete absorption than pills, capsules or even other liquids.

As the trend toward healthier lifestyles continue to grow, more and more consumers are increasingly seeking out and demanding user friendly and cost effective delivery systems that boast increased bioavailability, faster onset of action and fewer negative side effects.

At Spray For Life® we recognize these important factors and the need to deliver Health and Wellness products that enhance people's quality of life.

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