Vitamin D has long provided significant support for healthy bone density.

1-6 However, scientists have also validated the critical role that vitamin D plays in regulating healthy cell division and differentiation, and its profound effects on human immunity.

7-10 These findings link a deficiency of vitamin D to a host of common age-related problems.

Vitamin D3 can be synthesized by humans in the skin upon exposure to ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation from sunlight. But, due to the winter season, Weather conditions, and sun block, the body's ability to produce optimal vitamin D levels may be inhibited.

11 In fact, it has been proposed that annual fluctuations in vitamin D levels explain the seasonality of influenza.

12 All of these factors point to the value of taking a daily vitamin D supplement.

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The "sunshine vitamin" is being hailed by doctors at the Mayo Clinic as the "ultimate key to lasting good health."

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Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to High Blood Pressure

More Than One-Third of the Population Worldwide may Have Low Levels of Vitamin D, Study Shows

Low Level Vitamin D Correlates to Risk of Depression


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