The number one sought after solution on the internet, sleep and the problems it can cause.

Some of these problems include: Stroke risk, Obesity, Diabetes, Memory loss, Cancer and even death.

One-third of American workers aren't sleeping enough to function at peak levels, and that chronic exhaustion is costing billions of dollars in lost productivity.

Sleeping Disorder Statistics, US Only

Sleep Deprivation Is A Global Epidemic, Says International Sleep Study.

Melatonin a powerful antioxidant and should be part of your sleep regimen. Spray For Life’s Nano Melatonin is the most non-prescription sought after sleep aid on the market today. This proprietary formula has just the right proportion of All-Natural Ingredients Designed To Provide You With The Best Quality Sleep available. Its success is derived by assisting your body to fall asleep naturally as you did in your youth and without feeling groggy when you wake up. And Best of All, it contains super anti-oxidants that assist your body in your healing process. Customers who have used other brands of melatonin told us that Spray For Life’s Nano Melatonin is their #1 choice … because it really works for them. Once again, our proprietary NanoMist® formula differentiates us from the competition.

30 day supply, taken before bedtime for Optimal Health.

Supplement Facts

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